Club Activities

The A’s Club offers interactive clubs for kids! These fun clubs provide an opportunity for kids to socialize with peers in small groups and enhance gross motor, fine motor and communication skills. We have a safe and playful environment of age-appropriate club activities. Check the calendar page on our website for dates and times.

All clubs are sign-up based only. Below you will find a list and description of each club we offer. Click here to Reserve Now.

Gamer Club – If you like to compete, learn new tricks to advance your gaming play, or just play the newest video games. Video Game consoles include PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch and VR. Latest and/or most popular video games such as Fortnite with player vs. player and tournaments.

Dance Club – For kids that love to listen to music and dance. Interactive Video screen allows kids to see themselves dance and surround sound engages with the latest music for all kids from toddler to tween. The latest kid dances from Baby Shark to TIKTOK challenges in an engaging and interactive atmosphere.

Karaoke Club – Does your child like to sing for fun? Karaoke club offers surround sound music, stage and wireless mics to sing along with or without lyrics to their favorite songs.

Ultimate PlayDate – Looking for a private play space for your child’s friends and family? Our 100% private playgroup sessions include an activity of your choice from the Rec Room activities, Video Game Room, Arts & Crafts or Soft Play to enjoy in the facility for 2 hours.

A² Play Club – In search of a place for your child to play that welcomes sensory sensitivities or kids that may play differently? Stop by the A² PLAY CLUB! We provide intimate and interactive play experiences. Siblings and friends are welcome.

CLUB10 – sessions include club activities as well as a snack, drink and interactive play experience. Activities may include game room, rec room activities, karaoke, dance, soft play, arts & crafts. Small groups of 10 kids or less. Private and closed to the public.

Awesome Activities for All!

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